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5 Marketing Trends To Pay Attention To In 2020

Jan 22, 2020

With the rate at which technology is evolving, everything related to it should also keep up. Similarly, digital marketing is no exception. There are various new techniques and changes to marketing trends, and hence it is essential to pay attention. If you want your company or your clients to stay on top of the game, it is crucial to be aware of the trends that are popular and emerging. Here are five of the best marketing trends for 2020.

1 VR and AR

In recent times, both virtual reality and augmented reality have gained a lot of popularity in the marketing industry. Multiple major companies are using AR for their advantage. Some of these companies allow the customers to visualize how a particular item will look at their surroundings before making a purchase. AR is expected to surpass VR in the coming time, and it will be a great advantage if you are able to adopt augmented reality in your marketing technique.

2 Shoppable posts

Almost every individual uses some form of social media, and given the nature of social media platforms, they have become a crucial part of online marketing. What is more advantageous for digital marketers and business owners is that these social media platforms have made it simpler to reach out to customers. Be it Instagram or Facebook, and there are shoppable posts which make it easier for the consumers to purchase the product or service directly from the post. Expect shoppable posts to be the norm by 2020.

3 Interactive content

Until and unless there is a new experience online, it is difficult to get the attention of buyers. Therefore, focus on higher interactivity and content with more visuals. This type of content is unique, and it will make your marketing strategy stand out. Also, the visitor will stay on your page for a longer duration. Another advantage of going for interactive content is that it is immensely shareable. Therefore, you will be able to grow your brand’s awareness at the same time.

4 Personalization

Generic advertisements are outdated, and it is personalized marketing that is going to be the way forward in 2020. Personalization is a lot more appealing, and it also shows that the business is interested in what you like and what your preferences are.

5 Streaming video ad engagement

In 2019, videos were a must-have digital marketing technique for every marketer. The same is going to be the trend in 2020. Marketers will go where the customers are spending most of their time and that on videos. Instead of merely posting videos on your page, opt for video streaming. These should be more engaging and shorter to appeal to the viewers.

Marketing is changing at a very rapid pace, and only those who are willing to adapt to the new strategies will be able to attract their customers in the digital world. So, make sure that your marketing strategies are latest and appealing to the customers. Focus on growing your brand reach and keep your existing customers satisfied with these trending marketing techniques for 2020.

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