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5 Reasons Facebook Ads are Amazing for Your Business

Jan 23, 2019

As far as marketing goes, the reach
of social media isn’t going to curb anytime soon. And as far as social media
marketing goes, Facebook is still the king.

But building just a Facebook page
does not seem profitable anymore, what with its new low-visibility policy
around business pages. How then to tap into the incredible growth potential of
Facebook? Use Facebook ads already! Here are five compelling reasons why you
should start advertising on Facebook if you want to see your business grow like

1. Your customers hang out at Facebook – a lot
Let’s face it – as of 2018, more than
80% of internet users in the world are on Facebook, and are spending an average
of 1.72 hours per day there. Netizens check their newsfeeds multiple times a
day, and while at it, collectively interact with almost 4 billion posts daily.
Whatever demographic your business or product is aiming for, odds are they are
on Facebook. With Facebook ads, you have a surefire way to reach their
newsfeeds, and eyes.

2. It’s the most targeted form of marketing available right now
Facebook is insanely helpful when it
comes to providing criteria for business targeting. You can target your ad on a
myriad parameters –demographic (age, gender, ethnicity, income group, education
level and many more), location (with zip code and radius), job titles,
interests, and even fans of similar pages or products. Willing to go even
deeper? Super-sharpen your targeting by tapping into recent purchase behaviors,
building custom audiences, and multi-layered targeting.

3. It helps drive repeat business through remarketing
Remember the time you visited a
website and shortly after an ad for their product or service popped up on your
newsfeed? This insanely effective technology is called ‘remarketing’. It is
basically using the engagement data from your website, app, or mailing list to
re-target users who have already expressed some form of interest. If employed
correctly it can triple the amount of your social media engagement and double
the conversion rates.

4. It’s Extremely Cheap
Facebook may have killed the organic
reach with its limited business page-reach policy, but it’s still the next best
thing when it comes to cost-effective marketing. You can reach a thousand
potential customers with as low as $5, and you have loads of ways to
super-target even that amount of advertising. Its cost per click can be
amazingly low depending upon your niche, reach, and targeting skills. It’s
certainly several times more cost-effective than traditional advertising media
like radio, TV, or billboard ads.

5. It’s trackable to the tee
There’s no guesswork involved when it
comes to Facebook advertising – you can see exactly how many clicks and
impression you are receiving against how much money and how many of those are
converting into sales. You can test different ad ideas to determine cost per
conversion performance and structure your content accordingly, therefore saving
money in the long run. This is done by a tool called Facebook Pixel.

All considered, Facebook is the most
cost-effective, scalable, and accessible advertising platform available to
businesses worldwide at the moment. If you want to see your business grow to
incredible heights in a short time and in a relatively low cost, Facebook
advertising is the horse you need tobet on right now!

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